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Engine: whirring, whining sound


Engine just started sounding whining, whirring sound.
Came on suddenly; it's been running great all summer.
No leaks observed.
Will have to take it in.

Mine did the same during the Pinto Stampede trip…it turned out to be the idle pulley for me. The AC clutch was also acting up. Once I replaced both, it quieted a bit. As for your car, it could be many things…but check these two items as part of your process of elimination.

Happy Motoring!

The transmission fluid appeared low so we added some, and now it sounds good again.
But you're so right...those sounds can be any number of things.
(We try to start and run it every day in this AZ heat)

Awesome!  I wish my problems could be easily fixed like yours...pourin g some fluid!  LOL!

Happy motoring!


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