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a member here used to make reproductions of Ford's hot pants kit. I don't remember his name. You can google "Ford hot pants" in images and see a poster of a red car with original sales information.

I remember your car getting wrecked, and it broke my heart.
I remember the Jade and Geraldine Pintos. (I think they are both in California, owned by a collector.  A while back I dug around on the internet and found a story abou the guy. I may have even wrote his name down in my pinto notes.)
If something happens to our pinto we would replace, and not rebuild or restore, and I suspect we'd purchase at around $10-12,000.  We're having the conversation about the insurance aspect.

    It was 21 years ago that I bought my bobcat. I watched ebay everyday for 3 years until I found a car with potential. For me potential, meant no rust and a good engine. After that I put $7500 into the car.
    I look at ebay every day now for 24 years. I am not looking for a car I just like looking. It is possible you will find a beautiful car for $12,000  Other than Jade I have not seen one. If I recall correctly Jade needed thousands of dollars of work. Nothing had ever been done to it. Everything that deteriorates due to age, needed work on that car. The car you desire does exist, but it is likely you will look for years to find it.
    Best wishes     Bill

I look at ebay a lot as well for ford pintos.  It's fun to monitor what's out there for sale. Although at the present time I'm not looking to buy.  I'm satisfied with our 1978 ford pinto.  We've owned it for nearly 20 years and it has brought a lot of joy. We've put a lot of money into it.  It goes into the shop today for a new battery. (Besides Jade, there was also Geraldine.  That car reminded me of the one featured on Charlie's Angels, driven by Kate Jackson.  I'd love to know who owns that one!) 


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