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Drivability update on 1978 Pinto

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Long overdue update on our 1978 Pinto. I'm starting a new topic since it's been a while and a lot of this discussion goes back to my Nov. 2, 2022 posting under our pinto was featured on the facebook of racedaydetaili ng.
To summarize: Drivability issues going back over a year. The first shop/mechanics just couldn't seem to fix the problem(s). In early December 2022 we had it trailered into another shop where owner is a master mechanic. He promised us he could fix the car. We picked the car up yesterday; so basically, he was working on it and troubleshootin g for nearly 2 months.  That was ok with us. He said he was treating the car as if it was his own and storing the car each night inside. He said he rebuilt the carb, replaced the ignition module (which multiple people on this site told us to have done!), he said the fuel tank was dirty and clogged, he said he replaced the strainer, hoses, filters. He recommended we replace the ignition since one of the 'teeth' was broken and he doesn't want the flywheel to get damaged.  He recommends we replace the battery.  When he gave us the bill, he said he does not want us to pay it until we drive the car and are satisfied that he fixed the problem. We drove it home and no issues.  He had ferried the car back about 6 miles from the location of his second shop, where he was doing the work, so he drove it back at that distance with no apparent issues.  We were going to drive the car today but it's raining.  This master mechanic appears to be thorough and the fact that he doesn't want payment until we are satisfied is encouraging. (The first shop we had it in a year ago said the gas tank looked "clean"....whatever. And that shop rebuilt the carb as well! So it's been rebuilt twice in a year!)
At any rate, just need to move forward and develop confidence again while driving the car and stay optimistic that this master mechanic is our new best friend for this car!  On a lighter note, when we picked the car up yesterday, there were 2 signs in the back windows that said, "Sorry, not for sale!"  When he was working on the car for 2 months, he got so tired of people asking him if it was for sale.  They kept interrupting his work so he decided to post signs and be done with answering the same question over and over!

I did not see your first post, so I don't know your issues. I had problems on my 77 Bobcat. I would run fine and then die, no sputtering, it would just stop. It would restart instantly with the turn of the key. It would restart so easily I barely heard the starter. I did many of the things you just did. I did them one at a time. Finally the  ignition module was replaced and everything was resolved. That was 3 years ago, everything is fine now.

Any chance you could clarify what you mechanic suggested replacing in the ignition system that could cause damage to the flywheel? Thanks

AARGh, it's worse than ever, stalling, so it goes back in on friday.
(The mechanic says it's the starter: one of its 'teeth' or blades is sort of broken.  We are not motorheads so am only relaying what we understood him to say or explain.)
Obviously the drivability issue is staying of paramound importance at this point, and any starter issues are on the back burner.

Starter/flywheel makes sense.
 Given what your mechanic said about the fuel tank, if he thinks your problem is due to continued debris in the fuel system, you may want to ask him if the fuel tank should be replaced. Fortunately they are available new for your year. Same tank as used in the Mustang II. Should be Spectra 81A or equivalent. Might even consider a new sending unit since the fuel pickup is part of the unit. If he doesn't think it's fuel related make sure he checks the low tension connection at the ignition coil. Ford used a plastic C shaped clip on connecter that could give issues.


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