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Drivability update on 1978 Pinto

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We've been driving our 1978 Pinto and it's driving well. The master mechanic said "I promise I can fix it for you."  Perhaps this on-going driveability issue for more than a year was a combination of things.  The mechanic cited a dirty fuel tank, filter, strainer, and blocked fuel jet. He rebuilt the carburetor and replaced rubber fuel lines to tank and pump. He also replaced the ignition module, which more than a few people on this site suggested be done! We'll be completing a couple more recommended projects on the pinto, hopefully before the end of the month. 

Happy to report that the 1978 Pinto is running great!  After MORE THAN A YEAR of trying to troubleshoot its driveability issues, we have settled into a great relationship with a master mechanic who knows what he is doing, understands the car, appreciates and respects the car, and educates us along the way as well. (He owns the business, has mechanics who work on cars, but he does the work himself on the Pinto.) He explains and shows us what the issues are, summarizes the work to be done, and after the work completed, goes over everything again with us.  He says often, "It's a beautiful car." He also thinks any rust on it is minimal and doesn't recommend any body work on it at this time. He told us of one occasion when the car was at his shop, an admirer went over to the car and opened one of the doors to look inside, and he reprimanded the person because the car didn't belong to him. You gotta love this guy! I'm thinking he's the guy I need to leave the car to in my Will because he appreciates it, knows the car inside and out, and would preserve it as is, and not modify it in any way.  Needless to say, I'm feeling extremely grateful for this man!
On another note: the driver's sun visor has lost its little gray rubber tip that engages it in its holder when not using the visor.  I checked with a wrecking yard in Colorado but was told nothing was usable. I suppose I could check ebay.  Might have to buy the entire visor to get the little missing rubber-type tip.

Tip available

Another possible source for the visor tip.  www.sscenterpr

I'm thinking any Mustang parts supply business will have what you need, or at least a suitable substitute. 


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