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Does anyone know anything about, or seen, a Gran Pinto??

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I recently bought a 1977 Pinto Wagon.  It was so unique, and in such rust-free shape, that I had to have it! It has a factory-installed "GRAN" insignia above the Pinto insignia on both front fenders, and a gold colored coat of arms metal emblem on both rear fenders.  It has "GT" stamped under Trim, on the factory label on the door post.  It was built in Canada. 

I would love to know how many of these were built, but don't want to pay the $80US to get it from Marti....


There are a few Canadians here...,. when they post. Interesting that as I'm reading the post I'm thinking , 'Is this a Canadian Pinto?' And sure enough you stated it near the end. Hopefully someone can give you more information.

Even though I'm in So. Cal. my '64 Studebaker Daytona, '73 Plymouth Valiant and my wife's 2010 Honda Civic were all made in Canada. Go figure.

Don't recall any up here......but I did not follow the newer ones much at all.

If I were you, I'd pay for the Marti report !

That looks like part of a Gran Torino emblem?  I have never heard of a Gran Pinto either.

I'll second that comment about the Gran looking as if it came off a Gran Torino.  But then again, Canadian cars are a bit different than U.S. cars. 



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