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Does anyone know anything about, or seen, a Gran Pinto??

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I did some searching but never found a Gran Pinto.  I did find Canadian brochures that were in French. Maybe the "Gran" term has some purpose there. If it was a factory authorized badging perhaps it was something the dealer did, or maybe just an owner added badge? I found a USA (New York) Pinto wagon that seemed very well equipped but still lacked the "Gran" badging. And given the Bobcat was available a distinctively elite Pinto would seem unnecessary. That said I am aware that Canadian cars often got different names especially in the 60's-70's. So who knows??? Lastly I came across a PINCAT (Pinto?) but with Mercury on the hood. Never seen that before.

That Pincat photo is interesting.  I was selling Lincoln-Mercury vehicles in 1979-80 and I can attest that nothing like that was ever offered in the U.S.  I notice the tags say Nova Scotia so that could be the answer, or it may simply be a add-on stripe kit.  40+ years later, I doubt anyone really knows.

Dwayne :)

THAT Pincat is the ONLY reference I can find regarding a Pincat ANYWHERE on the internet whether in text or image. It shows up a number of places including this link to a list of Mercury vehicles ( ) but it is always the same exact image. You would think it is a factory added graphic given its size. Being a Canadian car I wonder if "Pin" translates to something similar to "Bob" in French. Although in Nova Scotia I believe they speak English. Well a modified version anyway. That Bad Chad guy always says, "Cuuurz" when he means Cars.

I am not aware of a "Gran Pinto" or a "PinCat." I wonder if the dealer was both a Ford and Mercury dealer, and to keep his cost down, he fabricated PinCat so he can use it interchangeabl y between the Bobcat and Pintos?  If that is the case, he is mighty cheap, to say the least!  LOL.

I know that Canada's Bobcats were available as early as 1974 (using the grille that is associated with the American 1976's Pintos).

The Gran emblem is definitely an exact match to the ones used on the Ford Gran Torino, so I suspect the previous owner took some liberties to make his/her Pinto grander! However, read further for additional meaning....

In response to your comment about translations.. .a quick Google search shows that Gran Pinto and Grande Pinto is Portuguese for ahem, a big dick (their word, not mine).  Thus, the previous owner definitely took some liberties...

I will keep my eyes peeled for these oddities, as I also collect car brochures. If I come across one regarding the PinCat, I will reach out to you to share my findings.

Happy Motoring,

I have my doubts that the badges were "factory"-installed. It's more likely IMO that they were dealer-installed if not put on after purchase. With how the "GRAN" typeface doesn't match the Pinto script and isn't even aligned with it, I don't think Ford would have done it that way.


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