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Crash at the automotive shop

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Today, my 1977 Mercury Bobcat was crashed into outside an automotive shop; where it was being repaired, so I could go to the Pinto Stampede.  No one was hurt but the Bobcat did fare well.

A lady was sideswiped by an uninsured car. She panicked and hit the accelerator and drove into my Bobcat and into the front of the garage.  She is insured.

My front end is pushed about an inch to the drivers side. Hood, fenders, doors, grill are dented.

So who is responsible for my car?  Garage?  Insured lady who hit my car? Or uninsured driver that caused the accident.

Well, the damage doesn't look too bad. (I used to own a paint & body shop).  I'm guessing that the lady that ran into your car will be responsible.  Bad thing is that the insurance company will likely balk because of the age of your car.  They will likely say that it is so old that it is worthless. I've run into this before. A friend of mine (I did all his paint and body work) owned a mint 1971 Corvette that got hit and received about $3,000.00 worth of damage and the insurance company wanted to pay about $800.00 because they insisting it was just an old Chevrolet.  He finally told them that this was a mint classic collector car worth thousands of dollars and he would meet them in court.  Once they understood that he was serious they cut him a check for $4,000.00 to make him go away.

if you have agreed value insurance from someone like hagerty you will be ok but if not expect an offer of maybe 3 or 4 hundred from the other insurance company ..

Remember that insurance adjusters are not necessarily "car guys."  I would find support on the internet for what similar cars have sold for (I'd include Pinto's too). Otherwise, yes, they will just look at the year and apply minimal value. Wishing you all the best.

As to who is responsible, that may vary from state to state. Typically it is whoever's car hit someone. Sadly a person can be at a red light, foot on the brake and be hit from behind and pushed into the car in front of them. Regardless THEY are responsible for hitting the car in front, not the guy who hit them from behind. It is just one of life unfair aspects. In this case the woman who hit your car becomes the double victim. She was hit and her car damaged and possibly no recourse because the other driver had no insurance and yet she is responsible for the damage to your car.

When my car was hit the drivers insurance company paid $2000.00. Hagerty paid $4000.00 because of our agreed value.
I am amazed and pleased for you that your grill seems to have survived.  I bumped into the grill on my 77 when working on the engine, I broke the mounting bracket.


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