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Crash at the automotive shop

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Your wife sounds just like my mother, but I can totally understand their perspective.  I am from a military family, and we moved frequently as a result. Once my dad retired from the service, they finally brought a house, where they lived for the last fifty years.  Hence, she did not want to move, which became an issue when she got older. It was a Cape Cod style house with the laundry in the basement and sleeping quarters upstairs. After falling so many times, it became clear that her remaining there will be dangerous to her well-being and my mental health ( e was in NY and I am in Ohio). She was no longer able to walk, and required assistance with her daily living skills, I purchased a condo a mile from my home.  She lived there for three years until she passed away last December at 91 years old. It was a tough decision, and one that was not made lightly. I am hopeful that your wife would be able to remain in your home for a long time, but be mindful that accommodations to the house may become necessary. Fingers crossed.

Back to the insurance issue...that is an excellent point as many policies requires the car to be garaged at all times. I would have loved seeing your driveway with all the Roll Royces, Lincolns, and Pintos!  That must have been quite a sight to behold!  :-)

I will try to locate that Hemmings article in the meantime!

Happy Motoring!

I found the article at Hemmings regarding Collector Car Insurance.  It also includes examples of scenarios within the article, and a list of collector car insurers and their contact information.

Happy Motoring!

PS-How's the Bobcat doing so far?  Were you able to get it repaired?  I am sure I am not alone wondering how it is going!

So an update.  The frame is bent badly.  Engine won't fit back in.

It has been sitting at the shop where it was wrecked. no progress. I haven't had the stomach to face the next step with the bobcat. 

 Can't you just have the frame straightened?  Back when I was in the body shop business a lot of the shops had their own frame machine.  I never did because there was a frame shop not far from my shop and whenever I needed one straightened I would just haul the car over and have them do it. Was cheaper than investing in a Blackhawk machine of my own.   


--- Quote from: Wittsend on May 27, 2021, 10:39:42 AM ---Remember that insurance adjusters are not necessarily "car guys."  I would find support on the internet for what similar cars have sold for (I'd include Pinto's too). Otherwise, yes, they will just look at the year and apply minimal value.

--- End quote ---

have dave hester from storage wars put a value on it. you could be driving a million dollar antique car


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