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As you are monitoring the site, and it appears the founder, Scott Hamilton is busy with other things...maybe you can answer a quick question. I paid my membership dues, but my home page shows me as "inactive " rather than a "charter" member. You and I have been talking with one another quite a bit so it's clear that neither of us as well as many others enough to know we are definitely not "inactive".   Chuckling...

I also see that the store is out of stock for some time being. Who is managing this as I would love to have window decals and shirts! If there is no one... Is there a need for a member to step up to do the store? If you show me how to do this, I could do some of it but I want safeguards in place as for the money or funding to protect myself and the club.

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A quick check showed me that you submitted your payment on October 18th.  Scott generally handles all that stuff but apparently this slipped past him. The payment status was "pending" because no one ever accepted it.  With no access to the site's financial records, I have no idea whether it actually posted or not, so you might want to check your records.  Meanwhile, I trust you and went ahead and accepted the payment and changed your designation to Charter Member.  Due to the delay in getting that activated, instead of the one year subscription, I extended it to reach through June of 2022; a little better than eighteen months and offer my apologies for the lapse.

The decals were part of an early program which fell by the wayside many years ago.  There was interest in renewing it a few years ago but it was cost prohibitive.  Scott did say afterwards that he had something in the works in that regard but then there was no follow-up.  Honestly don't know what the status is on that, but if new ones become available, I will see to it that you get one. 

Likewise, the traffic on this site took a huge hit several years ago when a Facebook version emerged and our store traffic essentially stopped.  Again, this is not an area I'm normally active in so I would urge to reach out to Scott and see exactly what the status is and what role you might be able to take in it.  He stays ridiculously busy and answers sometimes take awhile, but I've never known him to not answer.  If that happens however, PM me and I'll give you my personal email address, you can write to Scott and send it to me, and I'll forward it to his personal email address. 

The Charter Membership is relatively inexpensive and offers access to all the information on the site.  There is a lot here that you can't access with just a regular membership.  Funds from that are what help keep us alive and running.

Hope this helps!

Dwayne :)

How much is the membership? Ive been letting new people to the Facebook group know that there is a forum also.

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--- Quote from: warhead2 on December 02, 2020, 02:58:14 AM ---How much is the membership? I try and help the forum by letting new people to the Facebook group know about the forum.

--- End quote ---

General membership is free.  Charter membership is $20 per year and includes access to areas of the forum you can't access with a general membership.  While we exist cordially with the Facebook PCCA, our big advantage over Facebook is our 21-year archive of knowledge and information contributed by approximately 8000 members over the years.  Facebook is better for instant gratification, but we are the better source for experience and expertise. 

Dwayne :)

Well said Dwayne !

The V8 site drives me crazy ! Each week a new guy asking for a parts list to do one & I (finally) gave up telling people the Mustang ll frame mounts do not work for the early cars. They off set the engine too far to one side & the drive line geometry is all wrong.
Seems no one checks this & doesn't care.
Not to mention, they condone GM engines in Fords.
I don't post there much anymore....


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