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Bought my Pinto 40 Years Ago Today

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40 years ago today I put $20 down and purchased my 1798 Pinto Cruising Wagon! The rest they say is history!


I would say that was definitely the purchase of a lifetime!  You can't imagine how many times I've wished I'd kept the 1974 Pinto that I purchased brand new back in '74, but I was young and foolish and traded it away a couple years later, not realizing that it had actually sparked what has become a lifelong fascination with Ford Pintos.  I was lucky enough a few years ago to finally find and purchase a car that is virtually identical to that first one, but even that can't compare to the joy I would be experiencing today as the proud owner of a 45-year-old "one owner".  My hat is off to you and your enviable wisdom!  Congratulation s on your long, long relationship with your Cruising Wagon and thank you for sharing it so freely with all of us!  

Dwayne :)

Got ya beat by 3 years, but my first Pinto was used and not new. 43 years I have owned it. I was so protective of it, I parked it in the college garage even when I had moved to an apartment 2 miles away! Had to ride the bike down to pick up the car. But the result of that effort is it has aged beautifully!

$20 down to buy it! Now that is a story to tell your grandchildren!

Bought ours almost 33 years ago now. Drive it almost daily!

i guess i`m one of the millennials . i bought mine in 2000 from the original owner ..


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