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I haven't seen anyone mention bobcat here yet. I just arrived so maybe I haven't been around enough. I had this same dream over and over for the last 25 years. I would open may garage and lift up this tarp. Surprise surprise my 72 pinto was here I didn't really sell it after all. Then I would wake up and be all sad. so 6 months ago I decided to make the dream come true. I could not find a 72 pinto and the very few pintos I did find were just trashed. I found a 77 bobcat. 56,000 miles owned by a little old lady. She does exist, cus I really did buy her car. Did you ever see an origonal dash with out a crack in it.  :) Now I find that a bobcat is more fun than a pinto.  It's rare. Good Pintos are hard to find, a good bobcat doesn't seem to exist, except mine. I'm a happy happy man. PS I sold my pinto to my brother, he has that same tarp in the garage dream too.

Im pretty new here myself. I am a member of a Crown Vic. site and I own a Grand Marquis. I can relate to being one of the "odd" ones. Everyone treats me the same though.
Where are the pics of your Bobcat? Sounds like you have a gem. Are you going to keep it all stock? Are you going to show it at all? Your coming up on your 60,000 mile service.  8)

The little old lady put seat covers on it the day she bought it, so the interior is excellent. When it came to maintenance, gas and oil is all she knew. The rotors and drums were so groved that they had to be replaced. New carb and other miscellaneous parts needed to be replaced. Engine had never been cleaned. It took 60 hours to clean and paint. The exterior is that real pale green almost yellow. It's all oxidized. I'm prepping for paint now, but the interior is such an unusual color green. Just about any green exterior color that I like just clashes. I'm thinking about the yellow thats on the new vw bug. I'll post pictures when I'm done.

I've got a crack-free dash from a 77 Bobcat wagon sitting covered in the back of my Pinto waiting to be put in.  The Pinto's dashpad is a mess!
I'd like to find a 74 Bobcat. Those are extremely hard to find.


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