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Kind of long but it plays well. The story keeps you interested. Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4 now available. See links below (as they are released).

That was great.   Much better than TV anyday.  Episode 2 should be interesting.  I wonder if that C4 will hold up.   I have one behind a 302 that I keep nursing along (plan is to replace it with a T5).  It works much better with "F" fluid (in case anybody else has one)....   Thanks for posting this.

Here's another travel story about a dad and his daughter in a 1972 (?) Pinto squire wagon.   Looks like the C3 trans needs some help....   I think the early wagons all got the 2.0L ???

I really like that '72 wagon rear bumper...  Wish I had one for my '80 Pintaroo (pickup conversion)....  Been unsuccessful finding one in an AZ boneyard when I was there the last few times. 

My '73 wagon (C-4 Trans BTW) came with the 2.0. While mine had 86,000 miles frankly it was rather gutless and the slightest incline was equivalent to a treadmill set to its steepest setting. It was pretty common for the time period that pressing the accelerator only produced a significant amount of intake noise and imperceptible acceleration. Thanks for posting the link.

More of this journey. Part 2



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