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i have a 2.0 71 ford pinto, its in fair condition though there is a dent in the back, now i go out to clean the engine alot to pass time. i went to clean this huge amount of caked on grease, and i uncovered a white square marking (sticker-like) with an "A" on it. its on the rear end of the valve cover.. what is it? ive never seen it on any pinto engine pictures...
let me know anything about this mysterious "A"

i will try to get a picture of this "A" soon..

well i cant get a picture yet, cause i need a new digital camera, but i will try to get one soon for the picture..

Stickers like that were and are generally for internal use, like it was rechecked for proper torque, or it could denote what line it went down for engine assembly. If you look at most new Fords you'll see stickers and or grease pencil markings on the engines, trannies, bodies and the frames. Most of them mean it was looked at and checked at a certain QC station, or there was a repair. Heres me working hard...looking for the next grease pencil mark!


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