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Title: A Taste of Rudy
Post by: Pintosopher on December 05, 2012, 09:21:19 AM
Deep in the land of snow and arctic waste..
There was a group of elves , some not so chaste
As the days of Cheer and mirth grew closer..
So did that midget , who was quite the poser
As he gulped all the candy that he could grab ..
Unable to stop himself , on went the flab
Soon the others thought it suspicious..
Even the Lead deer Rudy was thinking it malicious
For group was busy building that special Horse..
To take the great one out for his annual Course
Now the clan was a burnin calories galore
And this one had thirds and was askin for more
So off to Santa ,did Rudy rush quickly
His fur on end , and his mood quite prickly
"Stop this elve before he eats all the food !" Rudy cried
Santa was perplexed, knowing Rudy Never lied
 Seein the toys and the line slowing down,
Santa made a choice, And Fired that fat clown
For It was never to be , a Christmas to be late
On account of a elve  that wouldn't be sate
So now you know , as the Sled climbs to the sky higher..
It was never as close, even with the Wagon called Squire
Pintosopher  (12/05/12)