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Title: 2017 Stampede to Dearborn
Post by: LongTimeFordMan on March 04, 2017, 08:45:05 PM
Hi all..

Norm is starting to plan this years Pinto Stampede to the Ford picnic in Dearborn, Michigan.

Its going to be a really fun time with a lot of fun stuff planned over a 3 day period.

We have some great tee shirts and car flags designed as well.

Check out the Pinto Stampede page and contact Norm Bagi for details....

For those comming from the west and south I am planning to meet up with anyone interested in a convoy starting in Knoxville on sunday, july 9, and driving the backwoods of kentucky, thru ohio and arriving in dearborn and meeting up with the main group tuesday july 11 ready for the festivities...

Anyone interested in the convoy, please let me know...