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'73 Pinto on eBay


Saw this nice. My first Pinto was a '71, exact same exterior and interior, but vinyl roof instead of a luggage rack.
If only I had another stall in the garage.
This one has a reserve so will watch to see what it sells at.
Oh well.  At my age I've learned to admire, without having to acquire.
I've been thinking: why am I so drawn to this eBay car? If it was another color, it wouldn't grab me so much.  It's the color!  My first Pinto was this color.  What is it about color that gets tied up in the emotions?

It's this link:

seem to be having trouble with copy and paste of link.

Nice Pinto, listing link worked just fine.
My first Pinto as the baby Blue, still one of my favorite colors for a Pinto.  My current is all Black, didn't think I could see myself owning a Black one, but it works!

The Baby Blue color is a very '70s color, just today someone said they love the color.  I've yearned for years for the '71 gold color but I've learned to love this blue you say, it works!


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