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Window weatherstripping question


Sigh... I am restoring my 1980 Ford Pinto Squire Wagon and have purchased and installed all weatherstrippi ng for the car. The set purchased from Steele Rubber did not include the quarter windows that flips open and shut for the second row seats, sigh...

They asked me to send them a side photo of the stripping, but I do not want to remove it if there is no replacement to be found...can you tell me what pattern and size it is?

Thanks and Happy Motoring,
Grove  City, OH

Hey Dan, unfortunately those seals for the wagon pop out windows have not been reproduced by anyone. Sad, because they should be replaced along with all the other Seals, but there are none available. Same problem for my '76 wagon, unfortunately.  Good luck!

What Steele is likely looking for is something that might be "close enough." While not applicable here I found that the door moldings on the 1st generation Mazda MPV mini van were similar in shape to  many 1960's cars including my '64 Studebaker Daytona. In this case the main asset being they slid into the channel that era car used to retain the rubber. Just to say a 1990's Japanese Mini van had something to offer a 1960 car that went out of business. So, you never know what might work.

  I've heard that the Ranger door rubber works on the rear hatch on the Pinto Wagon though I haven't tried that. I thought I found something that would work on the rear wagon hatch that was a trunk seal for a Cadillac Catera..., but in the end it didn't work. 10 years go I found a decent set of side window seals (better than what I had) on a Pinto in the wrecking yard. Likely it was a garaged car. Not meaning to sound scolding but when you see stuff like this you need to grab it because you may never find better.

When I go to car swapmeets I, yes, look for the big items on my list but am also keeping my eye out for deals on small stuff too. One year a guy stopped me to compliment that I was wise (apparently like him) to buy all the incidental stuff that was steeply discounted like trans pan gaskets for $0.25 each, oil $1 a quart and things like that.


I agree that Steele would offer something that may not be exact, but close enough…when facing a decision between taking a shower while driving or merely mopping up a couple of water spots from the armrest….chuckling. As for the tailgate and doors, they were rather exact fit.

I envy your good fortune in finding a Pinto in the dismantling yard that provided you the weatherstrippi ng you needed! Let me know if you luck out again in locating another donor car with the desired weatherstrippi ng! 😉

Maybe I should put on my black bodysuit and stocking cap to sneak in your garage to get the holy grail! Imagine Indiana Jones movie based on tracking down such window weatherstrippi ng?!? LOL…

Happy Motoring!


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