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Title: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: Turbo_Pinto_77 on December 02, 2011, 07:01:48 PM
I have a '77 Pinto sedan, with a '78 turbocharged Buick V-6, auto trans. This problem started last week.

When I use the line-loc, and mat the accelerator, I get a loud "clunk" from the right front. After my burnout, as I let off the line-loc, the car pulls violently to the right. This is not acceptable when your trying to go straight for 1/4 mile.

To "cure" the pulling, I've recently discovered if I cut the wheel to full lock to the left, and back up quickly, I get the loud clunk again and then when I drive forward, the car will go straight as an arrow with no pulling what so ever... Wierd.

I pulled the wheels and checked for anything at all loose, any marks on the control arms, or spindles from movement. Nothing. Caliper is tight, and ball joints are tight. In fact, the whole front end is tight as a drum. I got the car into the pulling condition, then put it on the lift and pulled the wheels thinking it might be a caliper hanging up... Nope, both front wheels spin freely.

Like I said, no shiny spots on any front end components which would indicate a moving part...
Any ideas? Any suggestions? Any similar experiences?

I figured I'd try to tap into the vast knowledge of Pintos on this site. Any help would be awesome! Thanks.

Everyone loves a Pinto!
Title: Re: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: Pinturbo75 on December 02, 2011, 08:12:16 PM
sounds like you got a bushing either gone or on the way out.... you need to re-examine the front end... strut rod bushings would be my first guess..
Title: Re: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: RSM on December 03, 2011, 10:52:12 AM
I don't think a bushing wouldn't do what he's talking about. If your releasing the line lock and going hard right you have an issue with either a caliper hanging or brake pads. One thing I ran into years ago on a car I bought for my wife was after applying the brake the rf would lock up like your talking about. After scratching my head a bunch and looking at everything possible I removed the brake hose and blew some air thru it. Out came a little flake of t sure what it was. I reinstalled the line and no more issues. That may be something you want to check if everything else looks good. The only thing I could figure was that this little flake of whatever it was, was acting like a valve and holding fluid in the caliper. If that proves to be good work your way back to the line lock. The loud clunk that your talking about sounds like a caliper issue. Can you have someone watch the rf tire while you do a quick burnout to see if the tire moves or does anything weird? It might help to point you in the direction of your issue. Hope this helps.
Title: Re: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: 289Wagon on December 03, 2011, 04:09:41 PM
 (RSM) I agree with you on the hose maybe the problem. Although over the years I've rarely seen it happen, I have ran into where a brake hose appears ok on the outside it has deteriorated on the inside & acts as a sort of temporary check valve.
 By turning the wheels lock to lock may be what is freeing up the caliper. Also by the time you get it up on a lift the pressure may have bleed off since this is not a 'true' check valve. Also I would think the use of the line lock would create more pressure than with normal driving & stopping. Perhaps you may want to try a full bore two feet on the pedal 'panic' stop & see if it still hangs up. That is unless you have a stick & then there is not enough room on the pedal for two feet. :)
Title: Re: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: Turbo_Pinto_77 on December 03, 2011, 09:49:07 PM
Both good points... Although I don't thonk the debris in the brake line could be it. Only because of the loud clunk, and because the brakes release fine when I let off the line-loc switch. Also, when I got it to the pulling condition before, then put it up on the lift, although the front wheels spun freely, when I backed it off the lift the pulling condition was still there. So, the debris theory doesn't seem to be possible. I had to cut the wheel hard left and back up to get the clunk back and make it not pull.

I applied the line-loc today and just put a little pressure on the throttle. The rear tires broke free, but no clunk... Only when I put full throttle to it. Noise definatly coming from the right front. Not underneath or on the left side.

I am going to have someone watch the right front tomorrow when I try to get the clunk again to see if anything jolts, or shifts at the wheel... Great idea.

I'll let you know what I find.
Title: Re: When I use the line-loc, front end pulls right
Post by: RSM on December 03, 2011, 10:36:23 PM
Sounds good...I'd be interested to know what you find. This sounds like a rather weird problem to me. Have you inspected the upper bushings??