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What Fuel Sending Units were used in Pintos?

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My original sending unit is rusted to pieces. I can't find a new one or a good used one.

Surely the Pinto was not the only Ford that used this particularly sending unit. We the ones in larger Fords like the Maverick and Mustang really different? If they were,  could the float arm be modified to fit the Pinto tank?

Did you ever find a replacement?

do you have an answer or do you need to also know ?   my sending unit came from a 69 mustang is shaped very similar to the stock unit .. you have to bend the two locating tabs flat to rotate/ orientate  the unit close enuff to work .. you may have to also block off a return line .. it was over 10 years ago when i did mine .. 

I'm dropping the tank tomorrow, I'd like to replace the sending unit/sock while I'm in there but I can't find a single thing anywhere. I wonder if parts companies just steer clear of any pinto fuel tank parts. I'll check out the 69 Mustang sender. Thanks for the info!

My body guy modified a sender from another car. Which model, I am not sure.


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