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wagon/runabout weight differance..

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Hey, I was just wondering if you guys could tell me about how much heavier a wagon is compared to a runabout.  I've got a 2.8 I'm building and haven't found any runabouts in decent condition, but have found a couple of wagons.  Thanks.


Harry, If you are only comparing V6s, then we will start with the 1976 version. The V6 runabout was 2620 lbs and the V6 wagon was 2773 lbs or the Squire was 2810. However in 1977 the cars weighed less. The 1977 V6 Squire was 2614.

can you tell me what a 71 sedan with the 1.6l weight is?

i haven't gottin a tittle yet to mine and im wanting to know in a bad way........ thanks for any info.

 A whopping 1949 LBS. Pretty Lite I would say :D

Greetings to whomever reads this!
I am in dire need of window gaskets for my 1974 pinto wagon.
Finding answers these days is impossible.
thank God I found this web site.
Anyway,I'd appreciate any help in locating parts and info.
Thank You!


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