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Author Topic: Verify facts about T5 Transmission conversion.  (Read 1306 times)

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Verify facts about T5 Transmission conversion.
« on: December 06, 2012, 05:08:15 PM »

Hello. I want to install a T-5 trans into my 2.3L 1973 Pinto sation wagon. I have read everything I can. I still have some questions if you could help me out that would be cool. I'm looking for WC T-5 trans with the bell crank type of bellhousing, if I'm not mistaken. I found A 1987 T-Bird turbo trans, complete from flywheel to shifter.

Q. Is the 1985-1986 Thunderbird 2.3 Turbo trans a better set up than the 1987 2.3 Turbo, for this mod?
     a. Are they the same? Besides the gear ratio's?

Q. To use a cable type clutch vs hydraulic. What is going to be the best bell housing to use?
     a. The Original one from the 1987 T-Bird?
     b. A D5 or D9 has been mentioned?

Q. What mods will need to be done to the crossmember with my future set up?
     a. Flip the crossmember 180*?
     b. Notch the crossmember?
     c. Build a custom bracket off the bellhousing to accommodate cable hookup?

Q.  If I was to use a D5 or D9 bellhousing can I still use the T-Bird factory clutch?

Q. Will I need to modify my bellhousing, when using the 2.3L engine?

Q. Is a T-5 Thunderbird 2.3L Turbo trans better than a non turbo trans?

Q. Will I need to use a different trans mount?

Q. Will I need to notch the trans mount?

Q. Will the stock shifter from the T-Bird need mods?

Q. Does any of these mods with the Flywheel/clutch assembly effect the starter motor?

I'm sure I have more questions. Let's see how this works out first. Thanks' for any and all help!