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Valve adjustment on 1980 2.3


Does a 1980 2.3 require periodic valve lash adjustments.  Or are there hydraulic lifters in there?

Thanks for any input!

The 2.3 engine has hydraulic lifters. Because of the way they work (the static pivot point is hydraulic) they should probably be called plungers since the cam is pushing down on them rather than lifting  (hence the term lifter) like a in block cam engine does. The earlier Pinto's (71-74) if they had the 2.0 EAO overhead cam engine (and I believe also the 1.6 Kent British) engine OHV) needed the mechanical adjustment. I'm not sure about the V6 Cologne engine. Both the 2.0 EAO and the V6 Cologne engines were German. The 2.3 was the only American Pinto engine.

Thanks. Thatíll save messing with a valve cover that DOESNíT leak!


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