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Title: v6 question
Post by: krazi on February 25, 2015, 07:44:16 PM
I'm rebuilding a 2.8 for my bobcat, and when I pulled the oil pan, I checked the rod ends for play. on the #6 rod, I noticed front to back movement (thrust), but no side to side movement (knock). didn't pull the cap. the other 5 are in good shape. do I have a serious problem? can I get a few miles out of it as it is? not that important to me.
Title: Re: v6 question
Post by: amc49 on February 25, 2015, 10:47:22 PM
ALL rod pairs on vee type engines have a slight amount of front to rear clearance, you just didn't find it in the other pairs. The number can get pretty loose there. Need at least the minimum  number the engine specs specify, too tight and the oil flow is trapped and you can then burn up a rod bearing. The side clearance serves as an oil metering device just like the actual clearance to the journal itself. Why both get loosened up a bit on race engines. With all mismatched pieces when rebuilding you swap out rods to somewhat even out that clearance between all pairs, it does not have to be exact.