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Author Topic: Update on 73 wagon clutch release bearing..  (Read 746 times)

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Update on 73 wagon clutch release bearing..
« on: June 26, 2017, 10:10:56 PM »
Ok. So thanks to the info here i decided to go with the release bearing from the z9ne... 25 bu ks out the door..

It fit rivht in and makes no noise.. so now i can confidently do the stampede to dearborn in july..

I also discobered a few things that I'd like to pass along about the repair..  I got it done in one long day... about 12 hours total.

I discovered 2 things...

The bolts connecting the bellhousing to the engine are metric, BUT... tbey are the same size and pitch as SAE 3/8 coarse.  I think the metric is like 1.75 pitch.

Also since I was doing the job myself with no help and fter struggling with the r&r before I decided to try to  use some 3/8 all thread as guides to align the bellhousing during replacement and THAT worked really well.. I used 2 pieces of 3/8 " all thread about 16" long and threaded them thru the holes in the sides of th3 bellhousing with about 6" extending toward the engine.

Inalso put a small floor jack under the front of the engine to tip the rear of the engine down since without the transmission attached the engine tends to tip forward making alignment not possible.

once I got the transmission basically aligned with a jack at the front and another in the rear about 6 inches from the engine, i screwed the allthread forward to fit it into the bolt holes in the block far enough to put nuts on the allthread to pull the transmission forward.

I then tightened the nuts, drawing the transmission forward while jiggling it to assist in alignment.

I continued tightning the nuts equally untill the transmission shaft was close to the clutch and the bellhousing was about inches from the engine.

Some wiggling and juggling and adjusting the  jacks and the transmission slid forward and mated right up.

I ALSO learned some.stuff about the early pinto 4 speed.technica lly its referred to as a FOG, Ford Of Germany,  theres a transmission shop here that makes them into racing transmissions and apparently they like them. It is also the basis for the Mercur 5 speed with a longer case and additional gear added.

If you ever have a transmission out of the car, take time to open the top and check the roll pin that holds the fork selector to the shifter shaft. Mine broke/fell out about a month ago and left me stranded.

Not sure how common this is but its easy to check if the transmission is out.

The oem roll pin is about 3mm diameter.  In the racing transmissions they drill the holes larger and use 5 mm pins.  I used a 3/16 drill and wobbled the drill in the hole so the 5 mm pin would fit.

When i got finished the pin fit REALLY snugly.

Just as a precaution i drilled a second hole and put in a second pin. Prolly over kill but i didnt want to have to take the tranny out again..

But if you do opt to add a second pin, be aware that that the nominal 5x25mm pin is about 1/8" too long and may interfere with the shifter, so just to be safe, sborten it about 1/8" so it is flush top and bottom..

Hope this helps someone
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