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Title: Tire Changer Machine
Post by: Wittsend on April 08, 2017, 05:30:33 PM
OK, so I have the cheap but functional Harbor Freight tire changer. The first three tires I mounted and balanced it paid for itself. That said, it could stand to be a bit more robust. Today I was at a swapmeet and bought this changer (see pictures). It is actually a rather sturdy (compared to the HF tool). However, I can't find ANYTHING relating to it on line. Not a picture, not an ad, NOTHING. There are no labels, stamped ID markings, cast in markings, NOTHING. No "Made In" anywhere. A few of the cast pieces have casting numbers. I'm within 15 miles of the HF main warehouse and I've purchased "parking lot sale" items that were one-off manufacturers presentation items that HF decided to not carry. And this tire changer has that same "vibe."

The design looks Old School but it seems brand new and never used. There is also a bladder (on the side) that inflates and I'd assume that assists in breaking the bead. ANY help in identifying this and its function would be appreciated. Thanks
Title: Re: Tire Changer Machine
Post by: JoeBob on April 09, 2017, 02:21:55 AM
I have nothing to tell you except I used that one at a gas station I was working at in 1972