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I bought my 75 Bobcat in January.  I had idly been looking for a Pinto, and a friend turned me onto this one for sale on BAT.  I bought it because my 18 year old daughter wanted a vintage car.  She is paying me back for it now.

The reason why she wanted a vintage car is I have taken on several rallies here in Colorado in my 65 Falcon.  She wanted to drive in it herself.  So last Thursday, we loaded up and headed out to Grand Junction, about a 250 mile drive, where the rally started this year.  In prep for the rally I had replaced all the shocks with KYB's, did a front end alignment, new tires and found a drivers side wiper arm.  I should have also replaced the belts and the power steering lines (I think).

There are 60 cars in this rally, and I have met most of them over the years.  It is a 3 day rally with included hotels and dinners.  It is not a high end rally with traveling mechanic and such like the Colorado Grand.  This is for normal people.  We have everything from Pantera's to old British sports cars and a smattering of American cars.  They should be older than 79.  If things break, we roll up our sleeves and start wrenching.

The Bobcat was an instant hit.  Everybody loved the car and the drivers.  For the next 3 days we drove about 1000 miles around SE Colorado and NE(?) Utah. 

The Bobcat did great.  Climbed 1000 foot mountain passes, handled the twisties and gave no problems.  The only issue was the leaking power steering and it burns about 1/2 quart of oil a day

The worst part of the whole trip was Denver traffic on Sunday night.

Wow! So enjoyed reading this, thanks for posting!

what is BAT?
You said it was for sale on BAT...acronym for what?

BAT is "Bring A Trailer." It is a website that sells cars.

Sounds like fun!  Thanks for sharing!

Dwayne :)


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