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I have been wanting to sell this car for two years but could not face it. I have suffered from chronic fatigue for 10 years. I get weaker year by year. I quit driving 2 years ago and yet I still hoped some miracle would happen. 2 months ago I tried to carry a card table chair from the garage to the house. I could not get it done.  I had to finally face the facts. I am lucky to get to the garage, let alone drive this car.
I love this car, I have had it 22 years. I pray that one of you will love it like I have.Bill

Very nice car.  It's a shame your health condition prevents you from enjoying it.  I'm sure you will find the right buyer.  There aren't many as nice as yours.

It is interesting to see the numbers of people that view this page. It took a week to reach 60 views. After that it has gone up 100 views per day. Y'all think either of these numbers are accurate?

I can't speak to the accuracy of number counts for views, but your car would get a lot of interest and bids on ebay, because it's such a nice car!


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