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Is there a tech section? If so, please post a link. And if there are is and I can't see it, sorry in advance...

I went to the local public library the other day to look up some stuff on my 77 pinto. There are no hard copies of automotive manuals anymore...
Got the librarian to help me look online. Nothing... Then looked to see if any other associated library had anything. Nope. Kind of stupid of a library to get rid of books and not have a digital replacement...

Pinto FAQ and General Help - Ask the Experts are the best places for tech info.  I did find a vacuum and emissions diagram at one point but it was for the 2.3.  Keep searching.  Or buy a Haynes, Clymer, or Chilton manual on line. 

Lots of good info here..

Do a "search" for your issue and you may find posts about it..

Or post a question... lots of folks here have good info.

SOMETIMES..., searching Google works better than searching the actual site. Typically people ask a specific question and then the Mindhive of Pintodom helps as we can.


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