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Author Topic: T-5 W/ Camero Tail-stock Housing for a 122c.i. '72 Runabout  (Read 891 times)

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T-5 W/ Camero Tail-stock Housing for a 122c.i. '72 Runabout
« on: January 18, 2016, 11:44:07 PM »
Salutations Y'all;

I'd like to replace my Ford 4 Speed w/ a T-5 w/ the Camero Tail-stock Housing so I don't have to cut the tunnel opening 1.5" forward of the original Shifter hole for a 122c.i. engine.
I've also found this that is helpfull,
But not sure if it covers all the best ways to handle the conversion.
Any & all pointers will be rather helpfull, thank'ee.

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Re: T-5 W/ Camero Tail-stock Housing for a 122c.i. '72 Runabout
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2016, 10:34:10 AM »
I think it is a great potential conversion with one drawback for a street driven car. The gear driven speedo cable rotates in reverse to a Pinto's. There are actually two versions of the Camaro trans. One is the mechanical gear driven speedo and the other is the electronic version for a digital dash. It is best to get the complete Camaro trans so you can to get all the needed parts. If not, you will need the top cover, shifter shaft, shift forks (attached to the shaft), and all the shifter goodies in the tail housing including the Camaro shifter itself. There are many after market "short shifters" available but can be pricey. I have this Camaro conversion as a spare for my race Pinto if I blow up my T-9. I don't need the speedo for the race car (life with a race car is all about the tach). The T-9 is a really good option for your 2.0. It can handle up to 200 ft lbs of torque, you don't need to cut the tunnel, and the speedo works like the Pinto's. There are two versions of this trans also. One is the cable clutch bell (the one you want) and the hydraulic bell (you don't want). Hope that helps.

Side note: You will not get much benefit (or none) from a 5th gear using a stock 2.0 and standard rear gears. If you are going turbo, that is one thing. 3.40 or higher (better) rear gears will help but unless you live where it is completely flat and rarely hit a headwind, the time and money may be a waste.

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