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my bobcat makes a clunk noise that sounds like it's coming from the right front suspension when I take off from a standing start sometimes. it has low mileage on the inner and outer tierod ends. could it be the strut rod bushings? I had the car airborne once when the brake master cylinder failed at a train crossing. it was either floor it and jump the tracks, or try to stop and possibly get clobbered by the train. after that, it bent one of the shocks and destroyed the other. they were replaced, but the front makes that clunk. I've been considering buying tubular control arms from summit racing. has anyone used those?

  I have had a sound like that happen on a couple of vehicles over the years.  It would only happen from a start.  Both times turned out to be a broken motor mount.

i had the front end clunk also...and thought the lower balljoints were bad.

turns out the bolts securing the lower ends of the shocks to the control arm were loose.

some.snugging up with a breaker bar fixed it

check the bolts that secure the lower ends of the  front shocks.

when they get loose they can cause a clunk

I don't think it's a motor mount. the engine doesn't flop around like the one did in my toyota. never thought of the shock bolts. I'll have to take a look.

Turns out it was the motor mounts after all.


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