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I bought a 75 Bobcat earlier this year.  It has a v6, act and an automatic.  It is in pretty good shape, but has some issues.  I have replaced all 4 shocks and had the front end aligned

1.  Steering wheel vibration.  When I take my foot off the gas at 70, the steering wheel starts vibrating in my hand.  Not sure what is worn out.  It feels like when the idler arm in my Falcon was worn out.  Edit Shimmy might be a better word

2.  There is transmission fluid on the floor under the rack.  Does this mean the rack needs to be replaced?

3.  It looks like it has a C4 and an 8 inch rear end.  Could this be the case?

4.  Where do you buy 13 inch tires?


My 73, Pinto wagon does the same thing. Right around 70 MPH and most noticeable when I let my foot off the gas. I have not been able to figure out why. I do not have power steering and '73's have an odd one year only steering rack. I've checked my wheel bearings and ball joints but found nothing obvious.

The ATF might be a leaking steering rack..., or the transmission cooler lines as they run to the radiator. I would clean the area thoroughly, tie some white cloth strips to where you think it might be leaking and keep a watchful eye on them.  That might help to pinpoint where the leak is coming from.

I don't know if the V6 had the C4 transmission. It is desirable over the C3. I don't know if it is the situation here but a lot of time transmissions can be identified by the number of bolts on the pan. An internet search might provide the identification needed.

13" tires are not likely going to be found at the tire store down the street. Places can order them..., if that want to be bothered. There are on line sellers like Tire Rack. They will ship the tires to you, or a participating store for installation (side note the installing tire store will ALWAYs tell you they would have beaten Tire Racks prices..., but they never advertise that).  At the Tire Rack site you have the option of selecting tires by application or specific size. There are other on line sellers but Tire Rack has prices that are competitive. I'm outside Los Angeles and Tire Rack ships out of northern Nevada. Often I have my tires within 48 hours. Sometimes a bit longer.

Anyway, hope you get everything worked out and enjoy the Bobcat.

Where do you buy 13 inch tires?

Years ago we purchased four 13 inch tires at Firestone.
A quick internet search shows they still carry 13" ones.

Hope this helps.

correction from my previous post:
In 2006, we replaced all 4 tires (Firestone) with P165/80R13, white walls

1972 Wagon:
In December 2016, I purchased 5 175/80/R13 Milestar Touring SLE whitewalls at my local independent tire shop. It took one day for the tires to be ordered, delivered, and installed. A good friend has a 63 Corvair and he had no problem getting 13" tires for it.


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