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Last Thursday, 5-5-22, I went to start it like I usually do and it cranked fine but didn't turn over. Tried again and gave it a bit more gas and still did not turn over. One more time and I smelled gas. I took off the air filter and noticed that fuel had sprayed on the air filter. I figured I flooded it though I didn't step that far down on the gas during startup. I let it settle overnight.

Friday, 5-6-22, same thing happened but this time I removed everything and placed a towel over the carb. I started it and it was damp with fuel. I let it settle overnight.

Saturday, 5-7-22, same improvement.

Sunday morning. 5-8-22
As suggested by a member in my previous post, I tapped the carb housing gently with a hammer and wood block in case the float was stuck and tried to start with a new extra coil installed. This resulted in no spraying of fuel as previously but still did not turn over fully. Again I tried starting with gas pedal all the way down and it did turn over but after violent shaking for about 30 seconds it shut down completely.
I noticed smoke/vapor circulating within the carb chamber mostly on the passenger side. It was not a burning smell. Actually it did not smell at all..not even like fuel. I let it settle overnight.

Monday afternoon 5-9-22
I removed all the spark plugs as was suggested in my previous post. Only one was wet and smells like fuel. The other 3 were dry. I dried all of them with a heat gun. Once cool, I installed them again. Pressed the gas pedal all the way down and cranked and it started BEAUTIFULLY... .I let it run for 3 minutes and it idled at around 2000rpm...when I pressed the gas pedal again to allow it to idle down to 800rpm.... the engine idled extremely low with consistent shaking for 1 minute until it shut down. After a few minutes, I started it again and it started good but again idled very low and shook for a minute until it shut off. I was able to maintain higher idle without shaking as long as I kept my foot on the gas pedal....other wise it shut down as before.

Looks like I'm making some progress but still not right.

Sounds like you would need to consider a stuck float in the carb or perhaps something blocking the needle from closing completely in the seat.


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