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Title: Spark plugs for 2.0 engines..
Post by: LongTimeFordMan on November 20, 2018, 11:42:16 PM
Hi all. Glad to seethe forum is back up.. in the downtime I found the facebook site and came across a post asking for spark plugs for  uilt 2.0 engines..  the factory plugs are autolite 42 or motorcraft 420.  And for higher compression, higher revs colder plugs like BF 32 were  used in days past. But alas all the info I have found indicates that the 32 range plugs are no longer made

Most parts stores substitute 42 range plugs which are "supposed" to be replacements but are too hot.  After a lot of research I found that autolite makes a plug   umbered 124 which is equivalent to a BF22 cold plug.  .it isnt a projected tip but runs a lot better than the 42 range.  My car is stock with 8.1 compression and with the 124 plugs gets about 500 rpm more than with the 42 range.
The 42 range plugs run white, the 124s run grey, and ive run them 5000 miles around town in dallas winter..but for the price you can afford to replace  .them once a month if they foul....autozo ne stocks the 124 for $.75 each.  They are not resistors and prolly need resistor wires..

Just some info
Title: Re: Spark plugs for 2.0 engines..
Post by: cossiepinto on November 23, 2018, 01:31:22 PM
I have several dozen spark plugs for the 2.0 Pinto left over from a Trans Am Pinto I owned back in the day.  The buyer didn't want them, so I wound up keeping them all these years.  I don't remember all the heat ranges, but they are both Autolite and Champion plugs, all in the original packaging.  There are a few (maybe a dozen) that were run in the car, but the rest are brand new.

I can check them out for anyone who's interested.  Whoever that might be can contact me for more details.  I remember I laid them all out, inventoried, and took pics of them once.  I bet I still have the pics.  I'm pretty sure I never sold any individually, so the pics/inventory should still be accurate.

Btw, the Trans Am Pinto was raced in vintage by the guy I sold it to, and now is back at Galpin Ford in Sepulveda, CA, in the Galpin museum.