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Schoenfeld headers


Has anyone installed the shoenfeld headers from the special run on a 2.0 in a8 stock chassis pinto?

Do they require mods to the motor mounts

The header I bought but haven't tried out yet is:
Not to highjack this thread but wondered if anyone has any experience with the one I bought, in addition to experience on the one that Long Time Form Man is asking about.  The one I got has a 2.5" Flanged collector.  Others I looked at were 3" open which I thought was too big for a street, stock 2.3. 

Looking forward to any feedback on all headers for 2.0 and 2.3. 

Yes!  Bolted right up with no other mods.  2.5 all the way back sounds great too

I'm glad yours bolted right up.  On the Pacesetter header I bought, I had to heat and beat (basically flatten) the #3 tube to provide clearance between it and the right side frame rail.  I also had to remove and re-position the right side brace.  It looks cool but I wished it would have been a true bolt-on installation.  What I thought should take 15-30 minutes took the better part of an afternoon and it was in a fairly bare chassis!

My brother put that header on his 71 had to modify the mount but it worked out fine.


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