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rims and tires

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just wondering if anyone knows if mustang pony rims and tires will fit underneath my 74 runabout

If you are talking about the "Fox" platform mustang wheels then yes BUT only in the back and with spacers. The wheels have a 5 1/2 back spaceing that will get into the spring. you will need 1/4 spacers to run these wheels. I have slicks mounted up on mine and run the spacers. The tire still rubs the ebrake cable.

i dont bellieve that these are fox rims i dont even know what a fox mustand is. these are rimss that came on 1988 and1989 and possibly some 1990s they are like a 5 spoke rim they had a big center cap with a pony on it

Felix Wankel:
those would be Fox body Mustang wheels.

I have a set of 83ish Mutang 14 in GT wheels on my 1973 Runabout. You might not have to run the 1/4in spacer if you can run a 195/185 section width tire. Any thing bigger and they will rub the inner finders and spring e-brake cable clamp under side load and going in and out driveways. Have fun


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