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Title: RED-TEK R12 AC Recharge Kit
Post by: Pintopower on July 25, 2017, 11:12:11 AM
I was wondering if any of you had tried a (or this) R12 substitute in your unconverted AC system. I am looking at this one: (
I am wholeheartedly aware of the following:
  It is not R12
I have installed or helped with the installation of many converted systems for my friends. The correct thing to do it replace the condenser with a modern manifold style one and ditch the stock compressor in favor of a modern r134 version. I have done this numerous times (my 79 2.8, my Pangra, my 1980 Toyota Hilux any my project Fiat Ritmo have this system) with results that are simply staggering. The AC shoots ice splinters practically. However, when I built my 77, I had a m pile of good AC parts and since a conversion like this is around $1000, I figured why not. That car has a 134 converted system with all the stock parts. It works very well but it is simply not like my others. This current conversion is my 76 Bobcat. I will bet getting a new compressor (seals in the expansion block are new) and I want to try out this R12 substitute since the pressures will be lower than the 134. I am of the assumption (I am not an expert) that the fittings for all r12 cars are constant but input would be great. Please let me know your thoughts.
Title: Re: RED-TEK R12 AC Recharge Kit
Post by: 65ShelbyClone on August 03, 2017, 07:18:49 PM
From what I could find, Red Tek 12a is propane and isobutane. Being flammable is the only thing that would make me reluctant to use it. That also makes it illegal in the U.S. for automotive AC, although a serious puncture and fire potential is more likely to happen outside the cabin.

If I could find unodorized propane, I'd probably use it for something other than cooking.  ;)
Title: Re: RED-TEK R12 AC Recharge Kit
Post by: Pintopower on August 16, 2017, 06:20:48 PM
Well considering the stuff I put in the tank is flammable too, I don't mind. That seemed to be the biggest concern expressed by people. As for the legality, i was having trouble determining that. As of '03, it was not illegal in CA which is odd since sneezing without a catalytic converter is illegal. I know it is illegal in Arkansas, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Iowa, Indiana, Kansas, Louisiana, Maryland, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Texas, Utah, Virginia, Washington, Wisconsin, and the District of Columbia.  Maybe it has changed now.

Now, I did install this in a completely original R12 system with no conversion to R134. I did this knowing for a fact that it would fail and I would have wasted money. Here is the result:

1. No receiver dryer change
2. System evacuated after replacement of compressor (done at a shop)
3. Red Tek Stop leak used 1 day before charging of the system.
4. 5 cans of Red Tek were used for some reason to get the system to 35 psi
5. System blew as cold as my 134 converted system with none of the strain on the engine. No colder, no warmer
6. The ability to crank over the compressor was vastly improved. It runs like the r134 / Rotary compressor in my other two Pintos and my Fiat.

Too early to tell but in the course of 2 weeks, the AC has been exceeded my expectations which I sadly were low but it works much, much better than my 134 converted system and was about half the price. Mind you, this is all temporary as all the other cars will eventually get modern 134 system upgrades but this car is about 2 years off and I will not tolerate a car with broken AC, or anything broken for that mater. I hope it continues to work as well as it does for the next few years.
Title: Re: RED-TEK R12 AC Recharge Kit
Post by: Pintopower on August 21, 2017, 02:54:01 PM
So I guess I needed another bottle of the RedTek in the car. That means 6 cans total and brought low side pressure right in the middle of the green on the gauge (50 psi). The car blows ice cold and runs way smoother than the r134 converted system (still using the York). Ok, this stuff is great.