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Rear brakes, 1973 wagon


I need to replace the rear brakes on my 1973 wagon. While looking for parts, I found three different widths. The drums are all 9" diameter, but shoes are listed as 1.50", 1.75", and 1.82". Does anyone know which ones the wagon would have? I was told it should be the 1.82, but that is unverified. They also seem to be very hard to find. I would like to order the parts before taking anything apart, because I currently have to park this car on the street, and will have to use someone else's property to work on it. Thanks.

According to the 1973 Ford car shop manual, the 2000cc powered station wagon and sedans got the 1.75" wide shoe.  The 1.50" wide shoe was for the rear brake on the 1600cc powered sedans.  Not sure what the 1.82" wide shoe was used on.  The 1600cc powered sedan front brake shoe width is listed as 2.00".

Ok thanks. I'll have to pull the drum off to see what I've got, and hope I can find replacement parts. Sadly many Pinto parts are getting harder and harder to find.

72 thru 74 wagons show to have 9x1 3/4 size  .part # is 391.there are still some out there.


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