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Author Topic: power steering leak  (Read 981 times)

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power steering leak
« on: December 13, 2012, 05:17:23 PM »
 Im still trying to identify the source of the power steering leak in my 1978 Pinto SW. I had the pressure hose replaced, and the clamps on the return hose. I tried stop leak (Lucas).

 Today I looked at he back of the pump or reservoir and see some fluid but Im not sure if its enough to account for the puddle I keep finding under the car.

 My questions are

 If it turns out to be the seals in the rack can the seals be replaced  without removing the rack?

 Has anyone experienced leaks at the pump or reservoir?

 How do I go about checking if its the pump or reservoir should I cut the sleeve away that goes around the return hose?