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power steering fluid leak and belts


So it looks like the 75 Bobcat has a power steering leak near the pump.  It is either the pump or the hoses.  I am assuming the hoses, so will replace them first.  I also need to replace the v belts.

What am I getting into?

Is there a writeup for this procedure?

How do you tighten v belts?  All of my cars have serpentine belts, haven't touched a v belt in 15 years


I don't remember exactly on my Pinto, but on most cars with a v belt you loosen the alternator. Normally  there is one bolt that passes through a slot on the mount and when you loosen it you can move the alternator toward the block which will allow the belt to be removed. At that point you should be able to remove and replace the p/s belt  if the belt is run through a double pulley on alternator. If not, you may need to loosen a bolt on the p/s mount also. Then just place new belt into place, pry the alternator outward and tighten the belt and then tighten the bolt to hold it in place.  Don't over tighten the belt. You should be able to push on it and move it about a half inch.  Having said all of this I will also say that I have come across a few engines that requires the removal of another belt first in order to remove and replace the belt.  I'm not good at explaining things so I hope I am not just confusing you.

Stephen, please do me a favor...can you take and post a picture of how you routed and secured the hoses?  I just replaced mine, but my project isn't a Pinto.  I am using the Pinto's front subframe but there are no inner fenders so it looks odd the way I ran the hoses.  If you can send me the proper way of routing I will know if I did it correctly or not.  Thank you in advance.


Finally had some time to work on the Bobcat.

Power steering hoses were entertaining.  My Bobcat has the 2.8 liter, so there is less room to get to things.  I finally was able to remove the pressure line from the back of the pump, but there was only 1 position for the flare wrench to access and turn the 3/4 inch (I think) fitting.  Use the flare wrench, a standard wrench can't get access.

Underneath the car, the pressure line connects to the rack via an extended piece of tubing that is real conveniant.  Five minutes and the line was removed and the new one installed.

I was going to replace the return hose also, but it connects to the back side of the rack, and I think I have to drop the rack.  Not knowing what that entails, I figured it could wait until winter,  want the car back on the road for the summer

As to the person who asked about routing, I will get some pictures tonight.  I have AC in the Bobcat, so the power steering pump sits beneath the AC compressor.  The hose routing goes up the back of the pump, then forward to the front of ac compressor and then straight down.  To keep the pressure line from contacting the AC pulley, there is a bracket connected to fender that the holds the pressure line.  A separate bracket wraps around the host and is held onto the fender bracket with a screw.

My Bobcat is pretty much as it left the factory 50 years ago.  Every part I have replaced has been a factory part; shocks, spare tire, and the power steering pressure line.  I am pretty impressed with the engineering in this car.

Next I need to replace the v belts 


Good to hear of progress.  I'm the guy that was looking for pics of the hose routing.  My project doesn't have inner fenders to attach the hose to but would still like to see how yours are routed.  I am also interested in which is the inlet and which is the outlet on the power steering fluid cooler.  It probably doesn't matter but if you can identify them for me I will be grateful.

Keep going on your project...



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