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Title: power brakes
Post by: IdahoPinto on May 23, 2018, 10:47:50 AM
I put an 8" Ford Granada rear end and mustang 5 lug rotors on my pinto. It does not have power brakes (or vacuum assist). still have the 2.3l engine. Is there an easy way to put power assist in the braking system?
Title: Re: power brakes
Post by: pinto_one on May 23, 2018, 01:54:41 PM
well for that idea what year pinto you have , they did not start putting power brakes in untel 1975 up,  I have converted them to Power brakes over the years , its a nice upgrade ,  but you have to have a donnor car because just having the booster is not enough , you have to remove the streering wheel assy from the bracket in the dash , then the bracket it self to remove the plate that is bolted by two screws on the inside of the firewall , the holes for both power and non power brakes on drilled into the firewall but you have to have the plate that the booster bolt to on the inside , once that plate is in you put everything back , next the brake light switch is diffrent also , but you can buy those new at the parts store , the next thing it does take a diffrent master cylinder , and the two brake lines to it are also diffrent , it will take 4 hours to do the complete job , less if the car is half apart , but if the car is a 74 down you may have to mod them to fit , the brackets are smaller , hope this helps you