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Porthole Interior Parts, Headliner, Seat Covers


C. M. Wolf:
Good Morning Ladies and Gentlemen, and all other Pinto/Mustang-People,

It's been awhile, but can ANYONE help with Black Interior Replacement Parts? ie; Seat Covers & Headliners. I'm the Proud owner now of Two Porthole Pintos that I'm cleaning up and putting back on the Road,(a 1977 & 1973-please don't give me grief, I know Ford didn't make a 1973 Porthole Pinto Wagon... It's my "Franken-Pinto" Idea as long as the parts fit. lol)

I could use some of the exterior front panel-trim pieces, if they can be found.

Aww what the heck.. I'm also looking for the two headlight,(running light & headlight surrounds/grill surrounds) for the front of the 1977,(sigh, "5 Mile Impact Bumper Parts", my foot! Why couldn't they just have made them out of METAL?!) ???

Please don't make me buy a Delorian w/a Flux Capacitor...

I humbly thank anyone/everyone for any/all help in advance.


Seat covers im not sure about maybe try and remove it in one piece or take whole seat to an auto upholstery shop to get a quote for whole seat and a price if you removed the factory upholstery without the seat n you do the install when done. The headliners can be found don't have a link but do a search on this forum n should find a company or Ebay just my 2 cents

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C. M. Wolf:
Thank you for replying WarHead. ...And yes, so far this is exactly what I'm finding also. For any viable replacement seat covers, it seems everyone has trashed their patterns that were older than the 1990's. Likely have to go 'custom' covered. Headliners aren't too bad to find, they 'can' be a bit more 'generic'.

I'm already set to remake my own interior door panels, & wagon panels. then it merely comes down to Door handles, Dash parts, and other various minor interior trim panels. (much of which can be found and/or reworked.


If you are talking about replacing the original seating materials, SMS auto Fabrics in Oregon has all of the OEM fabric materials, including the cloth inserts. They show the material swatches online and will send you fabric swatches as well.

They also sell headliners, sun visors, etc. The Pinto uses Tier materials which they also have.

Happy Motoring,


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