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pinto v6 8" automatic rear end ratio

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does anyone know what rear end ratios were used  in v6 pintos with auto.trans.and 8" rear end?

The ratio specific to the V-6 Pinto, no, I don't know. But as mentioned in the other post the Ford 8" as it came in the Pinto or Mustang II only had 3:00, 3:40 and 3:55 ratios. The rear tag on the axle housing bolt should state the ratio. My assumption is that the any of those ratios might have been used.

The one I have that I plan to put in my 74 wagon says 2.46 on the tag. It came from a 78 V-6 wagon. Gees, I hope thats not too high- I plan to put in a T-5 trans!

I may have made a mistake above- the tag also has 3 0 0 on it, so maybe 3.0?

Well, better than being 2.46. I had 3.00 gears in my Pinto with a T-5 (and Turbo engine). The 3.97 1st gear will get the car rolling Ok. When not on boost the 2.3T engine is like a N/A engine. So with that in mind here is my experience with a 3.00 rear and a T-5.

As mentioned the low first gear is Ok (didn't say great) at getting the car rolling. The big issue I had was that for posted speed limits (25, 30, 35, 40, 45 MPH etc.) it just seemed like there was never a "right gear" for those speeds. If the motor seemed wound out an upshift caused it to bog. If it seemed bogged a down shift seems to make the engine seem wound out. Even on the freeway at 65 MPH in 5th gear any inclination was noticeable. Initially I has 215-60-14 tires but went to 175-70-13 tires when I got a set of Rallye wheels.

I went to a 3.40 rear and for everyday driving the ratio is SO MUCH better. Specific gears are just right for normal posted speed limits. There is no more of the 'stuck between two gears' as far as the torque curve of the motor. What I did lose was the longer pull between shifts (like getting on the freeway). Where the turbo was spooled up and one could decidedly feel (and enjoy) the ever rapidly increasing power. Now with the 3.40 rear it seems like I have to shift way too soon and pretty much 'blip' in and out of boost. As nice as the long pull with 3.00 was..., 98% of the time the car isn't driven that way and I have accepted the trade-off.


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