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Author Topic: Pinto part interchange?  (Read 2239 times)

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Pinto part interchange?
« on: February 10, 2012, 11:16:37 AM »
What I am looking to create list of parts that can be used on the pintos that can be found on other cars at the junk yard or parts store?

Door Glass run channel from a 90 or older f150 250 350 works, the front doors are a inch short but if you find a crew cab the rear doors at the right length. New F150s to 96 or 250 350 to 98 may work but there is a flange you may have to trim, but it might be worth it for a 10 year newer rubber. Got mine for $5

Escort Electric Fan

Bronco II rear sway bar

8" ID

77 Camaro rear shocks for the wagon

Reading through the form I found out that you can use the ranger or older escort door gasket on the rear hatch of a wagon.

 I pulled one out of a extended cab with the extra doors today so it is extra long. $5 at pick n pull

Using GM door Pins

GM 1 wire alternator

some Pinto to Mustang parts interchange

Hood Prop Rod convertion,7356.msg81232.html#msg81232

Grand Marquis seat belts

Mustang Alternator!!!!!/

but what else?