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Pinto & Bobcat pictures for Ford history book?

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 I am writing a Ford history book, if anyone with a nice, clean Pinto or Bobcat (standard or modified) would like to send in pictures of their car please PM me, thanks. :)

Try the pintosopher at He has a vast Pinto picture collection and I'm sure he would be interested if he receives credit for the use of the pictures.


 Thanks Dick, that's much appreciated I will follow it up. I should add that the book covers Mustang II, so anyone with a clean example of a Mustang II is also welcome. The book covers small Fords of 1960-1980. Marc :)

I can send some of my 8o sedan and my 74 Pangra if you like. The Pangra is the real deal.

I HAVE HAD 26 WAGONS AND RUNABOUTS IN MY LIFE ! each Cruiser has had an image of her own from a Ghostbuster theme to Merlin the Magician, and Looney Toons, I also had 3 Runabouts 1 Sport Rail, and 2 Monster Drags

Any or all of course you are talking 46 years here.......... Let me know

Johnny99 8)


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