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Title: New Turbo Pinto Wagon Guy here!
Post by: Charlie Brown on September 01, 2014, 09:56:27 PM
Hello Everyone! Just found myself a 78 Pinto Wagon that someone started to convert into a Turbo Wagon. Not going to mention what I paid cause my wife might read this! Been dreaming of getting a turbo'ed Pinto since I saw the "Poisonous Pinto" article in Hot Rod a few years ago, and I found this one. Got a lot of good stuff with the car, along with some problems that I am hoping you guys here and on some of the other forums can help me with. Got the car with the 88 TC motor and computer already installed, C-4 trans and 2.3 bell housing in the back seat area along with the fuel tank and a few extra parts and pieces. Car already has the 8" rear in it, Got the 88 rear brake calipers, stock front calipers, no power steering, no power brakes, no interior, and as ugly as a kiss from your mother-in-law right on the lips. Guy had put poly bushings and new ball joints up front. He was planning on making this a sleeper, and I don't think the car was EVER washed (it had/has a little mold growing on the very faded vinyl woodgrain) or even cleaned up. Car has a few rust spots and only one dent that I can find in the right rear quarter panel. I'm going to have to put a few pictures of the car up here when I can get the camera away from my wife. Bad news: car has the computer and the harness already in it, but the wiring was snipped in a few places to shorten the wires, and ALL of the underhood wiring for the car itself is gone, as in snipped out right at the firewall. Almost all of the parts are there, but not put together. Brakes never hooked up or finished, no shocks, trans in the back seat with the gas tank instead of under the car where they belong, no interior except for the front seats which suits me just fine actually, and no exhaust hooked up. Planning on putting all of this together to make a daily driver and a weekend bracket bomber. Not unfamiliar with turbo'ed cars as I work for a place that is an internet speed shop for the 3000GT/Stealth platform. Going to need some help along the way, and I am really glad this site exists! Thanking everyone in advance,
Title: Re: New Turbo Pinto Wagon Guy here!
Post by: dga57 on September 02, 2014, 11:21:40 AM
Sounds like it will make for an interesting project.  I'm sure you'll find lots of help here - just ask!  Good luck!

Dwayne :)
Title: Re: New Turbo Pinto Wagon Guy here!
Post by: russosborne on September 02, 2014, 04:36:20 PM
Dwayne, you didn't tell him the most important part.
We NEED pictures.  ;D
Welcome, from another wagon guy.
Title: Re: New Turbo Pinto Wagon Guy here!
Post by: jburt on September 02, 2014, 08:15:59 PM
Welcome to the site. Another 74 wagon guy here.
I'm with Russ, pics of your ride and a build thread in the Turbo or Projects categories.