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Author Topic: New Carb  (Read 965 times)

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New Carb
« on: June 08, 2018, 05:44:59 PM »
Hello, please see attached file, I got a 74 pinto and the carb is in pieces and I don't know where what goes when I put in a new carb, please help

In the picture have numbers and arrows, my questions are:

1) fuel inlet
2) decel port - what does it do where do I connect it to?
3) what is this inlet what does it do?
4 & 5)  what components do these coolant lines connect to?
6) where do I connect this (choke heater?, just 12v and returns via engine ground?)

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Re: New Carb
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2018, 10:23:13 AM »
Your number 1 goes down to the fuel pump. Should be a steel line between carb and pump with hoses on each end with filter screwing into carb.
Your number 2 I believe is the distributor advance line. I am not aware of a decel port used on 74 2.3l engine
I believe your number 3 is the line going over to the EGR system amplifier.
The choke water lines one connects to the steel line running along side the valve cover. The other to the fitting below carb in the intake manifold end.
The electric choke connects to a lead coming off the alternator. It is actually an AC voltage if I remember correctly. Comes off a stator tap.

Hopefully the pictures will help you out. These are off a 74 2.3l California emissions engine. Calibration number is C411R1