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need radiator

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1979 2.3 with air & auto. trans. can't find a radiator. HELP!!

When I get home tonight I will see what the physical differences are between my 1980 2.3, Auto Pinto and my 1967 289, Auto Mustang.  They may be close enough for easy adaptation.  Everything is available for early Mustangs...

Finding a generic radiator with the height/width, inlet/outlet size/placement probably isn't too hard. It might take a few holes drilled to mount. The shroud might be more difficult but not impossible to mount.

The good thing about radiators is they are very adaptable. When I put a 20" radiator in my '73 Pinto the 17" sat around for ever. My daily Driver was a Mazda 323. It was destine to fail smog but it met the requirements for the $1,000 smog buy back program. Wouldn't you know three weeks before I could test the car (it did fail, knew it would, hit the highest passing number on the previous test) the radiator took a large leak. I literally uses I think..., one bolt hole and baling wire to hold the Pinto radiator, Mazda electric fan in place. Rolled up at least 250 miles before I went through the testing and then the buy back process. But thank you 17" Pinto radiator, you made me $1,000.

I used an Eastwood Tri-flow GM small style radiator in my 79.  It was a project to make it work but it works great.  It is a cross flow style, and the cap just fit snug up into the hood.  I had to trim the opening and mounted the flanges on the front side of the core support.  For mounting, I used bolts and rubber shock bushings and washers to space it out.

I had already taken the front grill and lights out prior to this project, and removing the bumper and passenger side bumper mount was also needed to be removed to install the radiator from the front.

My Pinto is a manual transmission, and it don't look like the tri-flow has an option for internal auto trans cooler.  It looks like they have external options.

US Radiatorís web site shows that they make a radiator for the Mustang II. Might want to see how close that is to your needs. They might even be able to customize to your exact dimensions. Also if you have your radiator there are places that can rebuild it.


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