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My last week here

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    I have sold my beloved "Bob" He is moving from Denver to Phoenix. As my health diminishes I spend less and less time with "Bob" He has not left the garage in months. After 21 years of building, driving, and showing "Bob" I am unable to do that anymore.     Phoenix is good. With warmer weather and no snow, He can be out doing what he does best. Bringing people joy. He gets attention where ever he goes. He has been my daily driver. When I leave the house I always get complements. I can't go anywhere with out gathering attention. Sometimes I come out of a store to find a crowd of people looking at and photographing "Bob" It isn't right that he has been sitting all alone in the garage. I will be in and out of here for another week, but I will be moving on to something else. It has been a good run. I have never met any of you but do feel like I have friends here....Bill Fallert.....AK A joebob

Bill, I wish you the best in dealing with your health issues. It will be sad to lose one of the few remaining "regulars" but time does move on. I do believe that you are responding with wisdom to your situation. In contrast wife has spent years trying to struggling with a "hoarder's mess" her mother left behind. Wishing you a pleasant Christmas and New Year.

We live in the Phoenix area with our 1978 Pinto. Hoping 'Bob' will be as well cared for as you cared for the car.  Maybe we'll even see the car at car shows around here!
Do you know the suburb where the new owner lives?
I suspect it's only a matter of time before we will be in the same situation where we'll need to re-home our beloved Pinto. Bought her on Ebay in Sept. 2005, she now has 32,000 miles.  My family knows that the car cannot be sold until after I'm gone.  it would be too painful for me to say goodbye while I'm still on this earth.  The Lord understands... .
Will miss your updates.....I miss everyone who has passed on or no longer post on this site.  Life is a series of losses, it seems.

Bill, good luck with your move and I'm sure the new owner of Bob will love him as much as you did!

I know I did the right thing, but I feel like I betrayed him you can't sell a member of the family. The separation will be difficult for Bob and me. I know my life is coming to an end, but Bob is getting an opportunity to move on to a happy future.


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