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My last week here

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Witt:  your text went to it's real small font size.  After zooming in, I have to agree with you on the Torino, and especially Mari!

Brent: I am very familiar with the NDI lab.  I did a total of 23 years (Active, Guard, Reserve) and also retired as a MSgt.  I retired in 2005.  My son in law is a full time Raptor operator in my former unit, also a MSgt.  My daughter did one enlistment.  I am trying to convince my son to join.  It would do him a world of good. 


I agree about Mari too. When we met in 2009 I was single and wanted to start dating her again, but she was in a bad place with a controlling ex and kids, so I stayed my distance. Then in 2022, she wanted to get back together and I was engaged to my now wife. It just never worked out for us.

Also yes the Air Force was great for me as it was a lot of people. Certainly the highlight for my life career-wise.

Thanks Rob (I corrected it). From DAY 1 on this site if I backspace more than once the font will still appear (to me) in the typing panel as the default 10pt. font but when it posts it goes to the miniscule size you have noted. This happens regardless of the computer I use so it must be something in the software the site uses. It happens with other forums that use this software too. Frustrating but the simple fix is to highlight the text area and then set the font size to 10pt. (or the size of your choice)

Below is a screen shot of my doing the same thing to this very post. All I did was cut & paste the original text and it changed the size after I backspaced more than twice from the start of the paragraph. And the size change seems to be arbitrary. In this case only to 78% but as you noted in the previous post it was very small. (Click on image to enlarge and see)

"Hutch" is gone...

Welcome aboard Brent!  So glad to know that Bob went to a good home. 

Dwayne :)


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