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lowering the rear

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how can I lower the rear of my 74 it apparently won't take standard lowering blocks.

Havent logged in here in a while so sorry for the late response.  Back in the day, Racer walsh made an aluminum lowering block that had the oval to match the spring perch oval.  If you can find a set that would be the easiest thing to use.  I have read some people using normal lowering blocks with the rubber isolator but I am not sure how safe that would be.  Last option is to weld "normal" spring perches on and be done with it.

 TIGGER is right, Racer Walsh still lists lowering blocks for your Pinto.

And if $90 plus shipping seems like a lot you could probably take a standard block and a section of bar. Cut the total bar length to the largest section of the oval, file the corners round and then bolt the piece to the bar using two tapered flat head hex bolts. The Walsh block machines the oval into the block where as someone without a mill can fabricate and add the oval with a saw, file, drill and tap.

Given the lack of precision needed one could probably make a jig, take a wood router with an (old) straight plunge bit and do what Walsh does depending on the caliber of the aluminum. Everything is time (and tools) vs money. I have more of the former than the latter. Maybe for others it is the other way around.

Good to know they are available still if needed. 


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